Saturday, February 21, 2009

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3rd February 2010.
I read this book on Wealth Accumulation, The Millionaire Next Door. Among the many tips it included was to change the way we look at how we spend, especially on high status objects and possessions.

Are all those high status objects really worth it?

Sure, spending on quality skincare is worth it. However, there is no need to try out everything (or chase freebies) and in the same time waste money (on petrol, parking and time).

I will stick to a skincare range that will work for me, and as for my lemming, I will wait for someone to sponsor me on it. I really don't have to budget to go along with all the spending that I have seen so far on my beauty blog so far this year... its free advertising for all these companies, who aren't actually paying me anything in return for my time and money to be really worth the free work for them anyways. >.<

18th December 2009
This blog has undergone so many changes-- I don't even know what to call it--

So it'll remain a blog about Money. Everything and anything about money-- it'll be.

21st February 2009:  It has been in my thoughts to commence work on this blog ever since I started on my "intern" work at the SME firm that I am currently in.

This blog will serve to be a note of insight to not only me, but also to the readers who walk up too along the path of this busy hectic circle of advertising cum event-management world.

As I have learnt from past experience, focusing one's writing helps one to think with clarity and will make a pleasant read for those who are on this blog too. It will also be able to pave the way to more deep, intense and creative entries as well as possible dialogues for future entries of such genre.

This blog will be informational, witty as well as focused in dissecting the different threads of inter-related mass-comm aspects that is to the fields of advertising and events management.

Although about events, I have included much entries in this blog on things financial, and from a global view, with events covered mostly in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

I hope you will enjoy your stay as much as I will too! ^^

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