Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tiger Airways: Flying to Singapore Cheap-Cheap.

After going through the hassle of checking out the different modes of transportation, I finally bought my tickets to Singapore. Tiger Airways is truly cheap, when every other normal cheap airlines could not!

It was even cheaper as I possessed a CommSec Australian issued debit MasterCard. For some reason or another, my RM12 credit/debit card fees were waived because of that! Wow.

RM139 - on a 10 hour one way- Kereta Api Tanah Melayu ride from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.
RM90- for a four- five hour one way- bus coach ride from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.
RM137- for a return journey on Tiger Airways Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

It beat Air Asia by about RM200. My flights to Singapore return for this busy Raya festive time cost me RM137 (with no luggage) , and only free carry on 7 kgs luggage, taxes and everything included.

You might want to consider it after all. ^^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And I"m Off To Singapore, Guys!

Hi readers, this is to inform you guys that I'd be away this coming weekend (19th-21st September) to Singapore for 3 Days 2 Nights. Well, that is, should everything go as intended.

With Raya around the corner, it was truly a last minute decision. I was not even sure if we'd be able to even get accomodation, nor transport to head down. But it seems that some ad-hoc trips could be sheer fun for the stress it produces! Heh. What with the Grand Prix F1 that will be on next week, and everything, I thought accomodation would be like looking for a needle in a haystack..

I'll be checking in at a budget accomodation, very near to a MRT (lucky us!), costing a mere SGD58 for a twin-bed sized room.

Along the way, I'll be there to check out their local spending habits, prominent banks and best credit cards.. and try not to break the bank on the credit card (as I've already overspent for this month already!!)

Okay, Ta-Ta!  Enjoy your Raya holidays!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maybank Sony Credit Card: The Experience

So, how does it feel to possess a Maybank credit card in the past few weeks?

I realised that Maybank gives out Treat Points mostly for credit card usage, and not so much for the Visa Debit Card, which is 1 point for every RM3 spent. As it is so, somehow I have succumbed to what every typical person in malaysia who owns a credit card does. My Visa Debit has since been placed onto the shelf to rust.

Personally, I feel it is safer to use a credit card than a debit card, as consumers can always apply for a CHARGEBACK, but difficult in the case of a debit, or ATM card. Chargeback is the case where consumers may feel that they may not have liked a particular product, or service which they have bought, and decide to forgo it, and hence applies to the bank to reject the purchase/transaction that was made.

Because a Credit Card is basically using the bank's money, and is a loan from the bank's funds, at most times, they are more than willing to reverse the transaction. However, if it is the customer's own money from his savings, or current account, at most times, the bank may still perform the chargeback, however taking a longer period to do so, as it is not really their money.

As my credit card is linked to my account (which I can quickly scan through the amount that I owe the bank), it is easy for me to assign the portion of the amount due so that I would not overspend.

In order to not overspend, I have created psychological barriers that will intentionally present my account as one that is under-funded i.e. transferring it into a Term Deposit account away from harm's reach!

Pyschologically, it serves to deter me from over-spending when I go out.

I hope it works in the long run.



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