Thursday, May 20, 2010

Citibank Australia: ATM card charges for foreign transactions? Sheesh.

Today I received in my email inbox a reminder to get and put in my documentation for the Citibank Plus Transaction Account.

Sure. But on closer notice, I realised that there were fees for using my ATM citibank card/visa debit even in international Citibank ATMS. I could understand that for just normal retail foreign transactions.

But even for withdrawals at international Citibank ATMs?

I'm like, what the?

I am so not going to bother with the application.

I'll just use my Malaysian Citibank visa debit card for transactions with them in Australia. If ever.

I had a friend who saw my Malaysian citibank in my purse earlier. and remarked, "hei, that's a Citibank Visa Debit card!" Yeah, it is. Everything's the same. Everything from the blue design to even the logo.

Except that the Malaysian Citibank Visa Debit cards are able to accumulate reward points (for items!) and its free wherever it is used in ANY Citibank automatic teller machine ANYWHERE in the world. 

By right, if Citibank ATMS are used in any Citibank ATM anywhere in the world, it SHOULD be free. This is just too much!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Australia: Citibank Plus Transaction Account.

I just applied for a Citibank Plus Transaction Account.

Not only is it fee-free, but there is no minimum deposits,
it is
- $0 monthly fee
- No minimum deposit
- Unlimited free transactions
- Free Citibank Global Transfers (not to Malaysia though!)
- Unlimited free ATM withdrawals at any Westpac, St George*, Bank SA or Citibank ATM in Australia
- Visa Debit Card for online, domestic and overseas purchases
- and Cheque book access!

I was actually thinking of doing the ING Direct Visa Debit card,
but Citibank is so much more recognised than any other local bank!

 Go Figure.


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