Friday, July 31, 2009

Maybank: Limited Version "SonyCard" Application Approved!

Recently, during the Maybank Treats Fair at Mid Valley, I decided to put in an application for credit card. There were a number of credit cards on showcase, so it took me a while to decide which card to apply for.

Finally, the consultant then informed that I could put in an application for a few cards, and the credit card processing department will choose one that I was most qualified for. So, I decided to put in an application for not only the Limited Version "SonyCard", but the American Express Gold Credit Card as well.

After waiting for two days, I received a text message on my mobile informing me that my application for the card was approved!

The card comes with exclusive Sony discounts, extended warranty, sale previews and more. Among its features include:
* Free For Life No Annual Fee.
* Up to 24 months' extended warranty on Sony products
* Built-in Visa Wave feature: just wave and go!
*10X Treat Points when purchasing Sony products at Sony Style, Sony Centre and selected Sony Designated Stores

Anyways, as I had only just started working in Malaysia recently, I was told only to provide
  • A copy of 3 months pay-slip (original).
  • A copy of my job offer from my Employer (original)
  • A photocopy of my university degree (which was certified, in my case).
I was told it would only take 3 hours to receive the text message, but in my case as it was my first application, it took about 2 days. Well, that was an experience!

Since I was away when I received the text message, and had only just returned from Penang, I called the bank, and was informed that they still had the card with them, and would be forwarding the card to my home-branch for collection.

Oh well. Better safe than sorry sometimes. ^^ Can't wait to get my card!

Maybank Visa Debit: Online Shopping Enabled!

When Maybank Visa Debit was introduced to the Malaysian public, the people who used Paypal thought they'd finally have found another card for online shopping...

However, that took about another 12 months before that wish became a viable option..

Finally in the first week of July 2009, Maybank announced that Visa Debit was going online, a week after announcing the online enhancement security for their Credit Cards.

3 Easy Steps to register your Maybankard Visa Debit for online purchase:

Step 1 :
Login to and select Maybankard Secure Online Shopping Registration. Select "Utilities" function.

Step 2 :
Complete the enrolment process by entering the following information :

  1. Card Number
  2. MSOS Password
  3. Confirm MSOS Password
  4. PAM (Personal Assurance Message)
  5. Expiry Date
  6. CVV Number
  7. Hint Question
  8. Hint Answer
  9. View screenshot

Step 3 :
Successful registration notification message will appear once registration is successful and complete.

Click here for more details.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Malaysia: Credit Cards Application (Part 1)

At the Maybank Treats Fair recently, their bank recently decided to up the Annum Income for ALL their Maybank cards to RM30,000.00 per year. They were also promoting their American Express Gold Credit Card and Limited Edition Sony Card. Both are Annual Fee-Free!

So I decided to have a look at the banks with their available cards for the new applicant. The information is gathered from the respective banks' websites.

All information is technically "correct" as of date of this entry. Please refer to the respective banks for more information before putting in a credit card application.

Classic Cards- Mastercard or Visa
Income Per Annum: RM18,000.00
Annual Fee: RM80
Joining Fee: Waived.

Choice Credit Card
Income Per Annum: RM18,000.00
Annual Fee: Nil - Subject to 2x transactions a month, otherwise a RM5.00 monthly fee will be charged.

Clear Card
Income Per Annum: RM18,000.00
Annual Fee: RM90.00

Gold Credit Card
Income Per Annum: RM 36,000
Annual Fee: RM195.00

Cash Back Credit Card
Income Per Annum: RM18,000.00
Annual Fee: RM90.00

For Salary Earner:
Latest Salary Slip OR
Latest EA Form OR BE Form (together with payment receipt if any, to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri)

For Commission Earner:
Latest 3 months Commission Slip OR Salary Slip
Latest BE Form (together with payment receipt if any, to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri)

Classic Cards:
Income Per Annum: RM18,000.00
Gold Card:
Income Per Annum: RM30,000.00

Visa Wave' n Go Credit Card:
Income Per Annum: RM18,000
Income Per Annum: RM32,000

Classic Visa/Mastercard
Income Per Annum: RM18,000
Annual Fee: RM75

Income Per Annum: 25,000.00
Annual Fee: RM150

Classic Card
Income Per Annum: RM18,000.00
Annual Fee:

American Express:
Income Per Annum: RM18,000.00
Annual Fee:

American Express Gold
Income Per Annum: RM36,000.00
Annual Fee:


(to be continued.....)

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Receipt is Important for Purchases.

Today, I found a great link for customers who want to return objects/gifts/purchases without a receipt, especially those times when it was a gift, or we lost the receipt.

How To Return Anything (Without A Receipt)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Citibank: Visa Debit charges for foreign transactions.

On Sunday (12th July), I sent an enquiry to Citibank online Customer Service, and received a reply yesterday (13th July).

My queries were:
I would like to ask what would be the charges payable for using the Citibank ATM card for transactions made overseas?
Transactions as in:
1) Purchases made in a retail shop, what are the charges payable?
2) Withdrawals overseas from non-Citibank ATM?
3) Withdrawals overseas
And the reverted reply was:

There are no Debit & ATM card specific charges. There is no charges if the withdrawal is made from an overseas Citibank ATM machine. However, RM10.00 will be charged per withdrawal if made via other network (PLUS, NYCE,STAR ). However, we are not able to advise the equivalent amount in RM for withdrawal in foreign currency as the rates used are not Citibank's quoted rates.

Please kindly note that the usage of Citicard for Islamic Banking and Flexihome Loan customers is restricted to Citbank Malaysia only.
That's a VERY good reason to start using Citibank ATM Debit Visa overseas if I won't be charged conversion fees per transaction, or any fees per transaction!

Citibank: Experience at the Puchong Branch.

I finally received my first ever statement for my Malaysian Citibank Savings Acct. statement! I had read somewhere on the Internet that it was difficult to even apply for a savings account in Citibank. Yes, and almost all of that story is true, at least from my experience.


The person who had served me was a Chinese male in the Puchong branch, in his mid 20s to early 30s. I had gone to Puchong to service a client's company, and as there was a branch there, I decided to head over to open an account of the convenience of the location.

But I was not expecting the kind of service that was to be rendered by the staff, who I shall address as "L". I deposited RM250.00 into my account. It was only after depositing the money, and getting my so-called "bank-in slip", and leaving the outlet that I realised that he didn't even provide me the details of my savings account number.

As for the ATM card, I was not even given any information about when it would arrive or how I would get it. So after a week, I called up the Citibank Helpline to enquire about the ATM card, as I thought it would be normal procedure for banks to send cards to the customer's mailing address. I was then informed by the Helpline phone personnel that I could have the card created "on-the-spot" at any Citibank outlet, or sent by mail.

The person who managed my call, was even more surprised to know that I wasn't given the account number, and ATM card. Then she informed me that there was no directive in the Citibank system to create the ATM card!

It was an atrocious service coming from a service-related industry provider, and especially from an International bank like Citibank. Never had I experienced such atrocious service even when opening a new saving accounts at my local Maybank branch.


Furious, I then forwarded a lengthy e-mail to the Customer Service Dept., of which response time took about 5 days. The Customer Representative waived the Courier fees for my ATM card, but the Processing Fee could not be waived, which was RM8.

I was quite happy, mostly because I did not have to take time off just to return to the Puchong branch to have my card created. To do that, I'd have to get someone to drive me (or borrow someone's car) and take time off during lunch hours for that very purpose.

A few days later, I received in the mail, a Customer Service feedback form which I promptly filled in and sent it off again.


I'm just happy to not have to waste my time to go all the way to the bank. I had written the letter out of disatissfaction, but happy out of the knowledge that I was not just one who complained but did not do anything about it.

Yes, and also the knowledge that another staff at the Customer Service of an international bank learns the importance of good relationship manners. Which I hope he does know by now what that entails if he performs poorly!

Taxes for Adsense Payments: Malaysia or Australia?

I just realised that I will have to pay taxes for adsense payments.

The only question is, "what is the amount?", as a search through the Internet has not provided much information on how to pay taxes on this.

As for declaring it as income, it is a question of whether to declare it to the Australian ATO, or Malaysian Income Taxes, depending on whether payment is to be made through EFT to Australian banks, or by cheque in Malaysia.

Of course, in Australia, the level of taxes to be paid is much higher. As for how much taxes, that really depends how much I can get... Hahaha..

It might take another six months before I can even get a payment for Adsense payment (if I ever get it anyways!), so by that time, Google might have come up with an alternate payment method then.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Bring Your Own Bento" to Office: Mission Accomplished!

I have now officially passed my 10th day (In translation = 2 weeks) of bringing a bento to office for my mid-day meal.

After about the first five days of bringing a plastic base square food containers, I switched to using the normal typical Malaysian tiffin food carrier.

1) Convenience- Plastic base food containers require the use of hot water to remove the oil surface from contact with prepared food that has oil properties, whereas oil does not stick to the surface of the metal tiffin carrier. It really is a time waster.
2) Healthier- I don't have to be worried about eating the oil that may stick to the surface of a tiffin carrier, as that would not happen.

One of the male staff had not washed his plastic bowl after his meals with hot water, and just merely washed it with dish detergent. There were ants crawling all over it!

So yes, Mission Accomplished! I have managed to save some money by bringing my own lunch. However, apart from that too, my main purpose was to eat healthily, and I really need to remind myself that I have to consume less rice so as to lose those kilos which is hazardous being carbs for the physical state of my body that is!!!

If you're wondering, a lot of Australians do bring their own lunch to work. Eating out is very expensive, and a meal out (even at the fairly cheap Hungry Jack's/Burger King) could set you down by AUD6- 8. Hence, it's not uncommon to see many people bring lunchboxes to workplaces. Occassionally, they may eat out, but it's not so common to have lunch out like what you may see in Malaysia.

Many of my friends in Australia bring their own lunch to work. We normally cook for about three day's meal in a row, put them in lunch boxes, and then re-heat them for the day that we need to eat it. Saves heaps of money in that manner. It's just a bit less common to see that happening in Malaysia though... since food here is heaps much more cheaper anytime.

Though so, dinner maybe a different story...

Adsense Earnings: Now In Australian Dollars!

Did you know that you can now be paid in Australian Dollars for Adsense Payments?

Well, at least that is the case for me. I was in Australia for the last three years, so in total, I have a Savings Account with

1) Commonwealth Bank (maintenance is AUD6 per month).
2) Commonwealth Securities (where maintainence is Fee-Free & comes with a fee-free ATM & Debit MasterCard)
3) HSBC Bank.(fee free and comes with a fee-free ATM & Debit Visa Card)
4) Heritage Building Society (has the functions almost similar to a bank, and is fee-free as well).

That's FOUR banks in total!

For payment in Australian Currency, the Adsense Payment will be banked in straight away into your account electronically, and it has to be a minimum of AUD150 before payment can be made.

So, I changed all my payment to be transferred to Commonwealth Bank, being that Google has a working relationship with Australian banks to transfer payment immediately. Nonetheless, its still my account, so I am fine with payment with transferred into the account there, since I have the means of an ATM card to withdraw the total AUD150 in Malaysia if I ever needed to. ^^

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