Saturday, August 15, 2009

Maybank: Paywave Terminal doesn't work.

Have you ever seen one of those yellow Maybank "paywave" terminals? They abound aplenty at most
Carrefour hypermarkets, and many other supermarkets out there.

Today I was at Carrefour Tropicana Mall to do some toiletries shopping. Upon arrival at the check-out counter, I decided to be cheeky, and decided to try using my Maybank SonyCard Visa card at the "Paywave" terminal.

Taking out the card, I decided to "wave" it....



three times..

The check-out personnel said it sometimes works, it sometimes doesn't work.

How disappointing.

Installing ineffective, pretty useless "paywave" terminals that doesn't work half the time. So I had to pay the card by the normal way. Swipe the SIM into the terminal and SIGN.

*SIGH* What a waste of good money down the drain for prefectly useless "wave" contraptions, Maybank...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Maybank: My "Limited SonyCard"

SonyCard copy

After a week being away from Kuala Lumpur, I finally managed to go to the bank to pick up my newly approved Limited Maybank SonyCard!

Look at how cool it looks?

Anyways, it's only for emergencies. With Finance Charges of up to 1.46%, and Late Payment Charges of 1%, I think it's better to only use it for those times when its necessary, i.e. big amount purchases to be covered by insurance, or when I have limited funds in my savings account. LOL.


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