Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UK writes off cheque by 2018.

Just read this on yahoo news. UK states they will write off cheques by 2018.

Granted, its fine if they want to write off cheques by 2018. But that's for their own country.

When I was in Australia, I barely even used the stack of HSBC cheques that I had... as it costs AUD1 to just even bank-in the cheque.Imagine if I wrote ten cheques, that'll be AUD10!

That's -- daylight robbery!. Not only do most of Aussie banks already charge a monthly fee, they charge "cheque processing fee".... >.<

Nonetheless, cheques are still well & alive in the Malaysia in day-to-day business. Malaysian businesses can't survive without the cheque-- as inter-bank transfers cost a bomb (RM2 per transaction) each, whereas it's free in Australia.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The case of the Merchant Foul.

I had the experience of a participating merchant, whom we shall name as Merchant Foul, this round who tried to "play foul" in the exhibition.

The History: In the previous exhibition that this merchant joined us with, they were given a "free" booth, or in other words, "space" to place their ware which they need not had to pay a premium for.

A month before the next exhibition due, a staff from their team called my office enquiring if the booth next to theirs was still vacant. I informed them that it was still vacant. But she did not press me for further details thereafter.

The Scenario:
The day of the exhibition came. Lo and behold, I get a call from the same merchant with the query that "why had the booth next to theirs cordoned off when I had told them it was vacant" a month ago?

I was surprised she had the gall to even ask me that.

Then it came to the Organiser's attention that this particular merchant had designed a booth which occupied the area equivalent for three booths!

Let me ask you, would you create the design for a booth for the size of three booths when you had only paid the rent for two? Then you as the customer came in hoping that the Organiser would give the extra booth (beside yours) to you for free?

Indeed, it is the perogative of the Organiser to not charge a merchant- that is in the event that there are no takers. In fact, this particular merchant had one "flaw" in their argument. If they had known that the booth next to theirs was vacant, they should have informed the Organiser that they wanted it.

Their Bullets: 
On the same evening of the setup days, a few representatives from their side came to the Organiser's booth and tried to bamboozle us to give up the booth beside theirs to them. They even tried to maneuver the Organiser into allowing them to move their ware into the thoroughfare, but that would mean a compromise of the public safety which would not be tolerated. !

We promptly told them off. 

The next morning, their Lady Manager came to us again. We told them off. The Lady Manager walked off in a huff with her tail between her legs.

Conclusion: The merchant next to theirs refused to budge. Merchant Foul had to pay for the rent of the booth on the other side of the same area.

I hope they learn their lesson well. !

The Occupational Health & Safety Concerns of Exhibitions

In any venue that has public access, many details need to be looked at as it concerns the safety of the public.

1) Security of the Venue where exhibition will take place
- Gates to be locked at night to adjoining exits and entrances. They can only be opened during joint openings.
- Valuable items are to be kept away.
- Participating exhibitors at no time are allowed to have access to the venue's security CCTV recording, unless permission is granted by the venue's security in the event that security has been compromised.
- Participating merchants should immediately inform the Organiser, who in turn will immediately inform the Venue owner in case of suspect of any incidents.

2) Common area cleaning:
- Cleaning Fees are chargeable for all Hall areas throughout the days of the exhibitions based on number of staff required.

3) Cargo lift operator and furniture setting up:

- Individuals required for per setting up type.

Number of Co-ordination meetings required prior to due Exhibition time: 

4) Licensing & Permission from the relevant Authorities
- DBKL Floor licence, DBKL- (License granted by the City Hall that states the exhibition is 'legal')

- Floor plan of venue shows primary, exit and emergency exits. In other words, floor plan of venue must adhere to fire escape routes as safe in the event of an emergency. 
- Show welcome arch, AV Console equipment
- Going through every booth for the possibility of merchants placing gas tanks (that could compromise public safety)
- That all Lamp Post buntings needs DBKL (City Hall) licensing authority code.
- The number of A&P 'equipment" as allowed by the venue's management around the venue's location.

5) Handover & Take Back of Venue:
- Is a joint inspection between 3 parties- the management of the Venue, the Organiser, and the Contractor. 
- Check lists & records of initial venue condition
- Photos taken as record of venue condition.

Other areas include:
- Floor Loading, Floor protection, Carpeted area guidelines.
- Passes for individual participating staff entry.

The Technical How-To of Managing An Exhibition

The last weekend has been a hectic one for me. The company that I work for had their second partnership with an international bank. Here are some details that one will need to know to ensure that an exhibition runs well.

Pre-Exhibition Measures for the day:
- Provide a limited refreshments to the exhibitor- as an 'emotional assurance' that the organiser is looking after the participants.
- Security and Organiser has early-day-walk to ensure that safety of merchants ware have not been compromised.
- Security and Organiser have walk to ensure that all walkways are clear and safe for the public to access to. All cables and wires are neatly in place in main thorooughfare to avoid the public from falling over or injury themselves.
- To ensure that only participating merchants, and organiser has access to the exhibition venue before the show. Individuals without the proper authority to come in (i.e. exhibition name tags) is not to be allowed in at any time as this will compromise the safety of all parties involved.

During The Exhibition:

Three aspects of the technical aspect had to be looked at to ensure that the telecommunications and network lines run smoothly.

1) Payment terminals run smoothly- Merchants need to have staff who are able to operate credit card terminals. This includes pre-exhibition training to ensure time is not wasted during the sale process.

2) Electricity supply does not short circuit- An electricity trip is the result of overload usage, especially by merchants that decide to run electrical appliances.

It is also the worst thing to happen in the midst of a credit card transaction, as it could result in the loss of "sale" as well.

3) Phone lines are working- In the event that the bank is unable to provide a "wireless" terminal, phone lines are necessary. Further, wireless credit card terminals are limited in the application & functionality.

Phone lines which are "offline" will cause the credit card terminals to not work. Hence it could occur in the loss of a "sale".

From here, it could be seen that three aspects- telecommunication cables and electricity supply, as well as trained staff is required to operate the credit card terminals.

4) Technical Support- Another overlooked aspect is that the bank should provide adequate staff in the case of technical support for the usage of the credit card terminals.

Usage of credit card terminals includes functions of
- checking reward points amount,
- knowledge of keying card to redeem points for purchases,
- doing the daily transaction summary for the day.

5) Network support for technical failures-
- the speed of support in the event of electricity trip
- the speed of support in the event of credit card in-accessability.

6) Methods of illiciting sales & transactions by participating merchants
- to ensure that all merchants play fair, by ensuring that they do not utilize audiovisual equipment that will cause economic damage to another merchant, or cause another merchant to complain.
- to ensure that all merchants have 'open line of access' to the organiser in the event of a 'foul play" by other participating merchants.
- to ensure that security and organiser take strict action against merchants who violate rules & regulations.
- in the midst of the crowd & sales, there will be "illegal" merchants- who will try to come in and sell their ware "unannounced", and without going through the proper channels. This will not only compromise the safety of the public, but also the economic output of the "legal" merchants in the exhibition concerned. In this situation, the venue security will be summoned to remove these individuals.

7) Safety of public is not to be compromised.
- All buntings or ware displayed does not compromise the safety of the public, i.e helium balloons, & thoroughfare is to be always clear.

End of the Day Measures:
- Security & staff to take the end-of-the-day walk to ensure that all things are kept.
- 'Loose ends to be tied'- hanging cables (if ever any), and other details.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Pavillion: Mastercard Malaysia Airlines GWP Promotion.

As per this entry, this is the information as provided from Pavilion for their current Mastercard-Malaysia Airlines Promotion.

*All Items Are Available Whilst Stocks Last!

1st tier: For RM500 purchases.

L’Occitane – Aromachologie range
5 items in box:
  • Milk Extra Gentle Soap – 50grms
  • Body Lotion - 35ml
  • Shower Gel - 35ml
  • Conditioner - 35ml
  • Shampoo - 35ml
Kiehl’s-  2 items in box
  • Amino Acid Shampoo – 65ml
  • Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion - 65ml
2nd tier- Purchases above RM1000

Crabtree & Evelyn
5 variety to choose from
  • Summer hill
  • Lavender
  • Gardeners
  • La Source
  • Rose Water
Each pack contains 3 x 25ml tube of hand therapy lotion. (I am not sure if this means 3 x different variety, or all the same type though)

For more detailed & updated news on the above promotion, please call Pavillion KL: General Line/ Concierge Services enquiries: +603- 2118 8833.

It was not my intention to write this entry. However, for the service of my beloved skincare lovers and shopaholic readers, who have shown interest in the GWP, I have put this up.

Having to choose between the blogs, I decided this entry best fit here as continuity of the Debit Mastercard saga. ^^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Follow Up: Royale Christmas@ Pavillion KL Mastercard Debit Incident.

Pavillion Brochure- inside of card brochure 1

Inside of Card Brochure 2

This is an update of this entry that I made of my incident recently at the Pavillon KL.

This afternoon, at about 13:30 hours, I made hardcopies of all related electronic publications & communications that I had initiated & published. Then via fax, I forwarded the copies to the Marketing Department of Pavillon KL.

Around 17:45 hours, I received a call from their Concierge Manager. He proceeded to inform me
  • that he had contacted Mastercard.
  • he was informed that the usage of the Mastercard Debit is valid under the Mastercard Worldwide umbrella. 
  • He didn't mention the other Mastercard types though. (so, what does that mean then?)
  • He later said that is encompasses all Mastercard range. I sure hope so!
  • He reserved the 'instant free gift' for me. 
Other news include: 
  • For the Mastercard- Malaysia Airlines Promotion:  Three options to choose the 'instant free gift'- for Tier 1 from: (purchases of RM500) - Loccitane gift set, Kiehl's gift set, or 2 mugs for Mastercard users. I chose the Kiehl's set. (I know this is good news for all the beauty skincare users who frequent these blogs!)
  • The Tier 2 promotion is for purchases RM1000 and above. No idea what the instant gifts are though. I was told that the Tier 2 instant gifts had 4 range of products from Crabtree & Evelyn....  
  • I was also told at the counter that receipts & spending for the Mastercard promotion above is accumulative, but must be on the same card within the same day. Which means, two persons can accumulate their spending, and share the instant free gift. The redemption is limited to one per customer per day.
  • If I remember rightly too, the promotion is not extended to purchases from Parkson Pavillion, & possibly Tangs, but ONLY individual outlets, and includes both retail & dining establishments. This is possibly due to the RM10 voucher giveaway with RM100 purchase at Parkson Pavillion.
For more information on the promotions above, please call Pavillion KL: General Line/ Concierge Services enquiries: +603- 2118 8833.

I will update this post as when more news is received.


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