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Consumer Protection: Cases of Unscrupulous Home Product Providers.

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All Cases quoted here are taken from:
TTPM (May 2008), "Mudah Murah & Cepat- Claim Your Consumer Rights".

Mr. Lim and his son David went to a computer exhibition held in the city. David, who is 9 years old is keen on computers. In order to encourage his positive interest, Mr. Lim was planning to buy David a personal computer.

At the exhibition, Mr.Lim was interested in one particular model. However, that particular model was not exhibited and information on the model was only available in leaflets that were distributed.

Mr.Lim made the payment for the particular model and was assured delivery within the next few days. After receiving the computer, Mr.Lim realised that the computer monitor that he was provided with was not the same as the one in the leaflets. Mr. Lim then filed a claim at the nearest office of the Tribunal for Consumer Claims.

AWARD: Mr. Lim was invited by the computer distributors to negotiate and in the end, Mr.LIm formally withdrew his claim by written notice.

Suri visited a car exhibition and was attracted to a model of our national car. She agreed to purchase the car and paid the deposit. After a week, Suri was contacted by sales representatives of the car dealer and informed that the particular car that she had ordered was out of stock. New stock for the car she had ordered would be of a higher price as the car would have newly added accessories.

Suri refused to purchase the car from the new stock as the difference in price between the old stock and the new stock would be more than RM4,000.00. Suri demanded her deposit be returned as it ahd been failure on the part of the car dealer to provide her with the car she had ordered.

The car dealer refused to return her deposit adn instead told her to look for a replacement buyer to buy the particular car. Suri filed a claim at the Tribunal for Consumer Claims.

AWARD: The dealer agreed to return to Suri the deposit of RM3,000. An award in Form 9 was made.

Miss Sara had sent material to be tailored for her wedding reception. When she sent the material, there were 3 employees working at the boutique who took her measurements rather carelessly. When her dress was ready, Ms. Sara found that the dress was not tailored according to her measurements. She returned to the boutique to discuss her dress.

After informing the boutique owner of her problem, Ms. Sara was scolded for not giving enough material for it to be made into a dress. Ms. Sara claims that she was not informed of the problem although she had left her mobile number with them. The boutique onwer gave an excuse that she was too busy and that she did not have an assistant to help her inform Ms. Sara. Ms. Sara claims an amount RM183.00

AWARD: The boutique owner was ordered to pay Ms. Sara RM65.00 and tailoring cost of RM54.00. The total amount is RM119.00

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