Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Visa Debit Customer Chargeback Protection

Recently when I was surfing on the Internet, I came across what was called the "Visa Debit Customer Chargeback Protection" plan for all Visa Debit card users..

Most people are aware that Credit Cards provide protection to consumers for purchases in the case that
a) the product was not delivered
b) the product delivered was faulty
c) the merchant has gone into administration

However, most are not aware that debit cards also have some protection offered, which too if not the same, but almost similar in the type of protection given in regards to having the payment revoked. In this context, it refers to debit cards that carry the logo of "Visa".

Some of the conditions that fall under this is:
1) The claim must be made 120 days of the transaction .
2) The transaction was signature based (if made on a debit card that allows options for both pin & signature).

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