Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Haircut: A lesson in Customer Service & Selling.

I paid RM30+ 3 (for Loreal branded shampoo) for a haircut today at this salon in the vicinity of Tmn Abadi Indah. I look terrible now, and have to wear a hat for the next seven days!

However, I learnt a lesson in selling & customer service today. No matter how much a person pays for a service, at the end of the day, they want, as customers, to be reassured that they had made the right choice when they made the transaction.

In my opinion, the haircut was terrible.

What aggravated the situation was not the fact that the haircut was terrible. But Fiona Tan, the so-called "hair-stylist" person who cut my hair, after finishing the job, just ignored me and started playing with her handphone.

That really puts off the customer when they are distressed about their appearance, and the "seller" doesn't give any reassurance to help the customer feel at ease. Instead, her colleague had to do the "dirty work" of ensuring that the customer felt better.

So, after coming and searching the internet, I found out that there has been many stories of "Bad Hair-Cuts",and this stylist, Fiona Tan, is just horrible at cutting. I wonder why she was even working there in the first place. I had a good mind to go back to the shop and ask for a refund at this point.

But it was her colleague that appeased me. I am now telling everyone not to go to that salon because the stylist has such a really bad attitude, you better be careful if you get Fiona Tan as your stylist!!

So please, to all sales people (especially those in sales, and in Malaysia) please treat your customers well. They paid for your services. So treat them like humans.

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